Be Inspired

The speech, the book and the coaching program that will help you achieve peak performance under stress.

The Conference

Designed to motivate the attendees and teach them how to cope with stress based on my experience working with many international personalities.

The Book

"Inspírate" - published by Aguilar Penguin Random House - is the book on which my conference and the coaching program is based.

The Coaching

Training program for entrepreneurs, executives and athletes who want to achieve peak performance under stress, being happier.

Peak Performance Program

For executives, companies and athletes

We live in an increasingly demanding society, where we work too much, do not sleep or rest properly, our nutrition is poor and we abuse stimulants, alcohol and tobacco. In addition, we are influenced by the ups and downs of the economy, wars, corruption and international conflicts.

All this is stress, considered by doctors and scientists as the worst of the evils of the 21st century and the cause of diseases, poor performance, lack of energy, family conflicts and unhappiness.

Pancho Campo, former tennis professional, coach and entrepreneur invites you to know his method to manage stressful situations and turn them into good stress, which is what helps us to improve as entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes and, above all, as people .

More than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and working with world leaders, athletes and artists of the stature of Andre Agassi, Al Gore, Sting or Kofi Annan have taught him how these personalities manage stress, motivate themselves and reach the levels of performance that made them famous. But Pancho also knows the bad stress in his own flesh, having been the subject of an Interpol Red Notice for more than 15 years, for an accusation that proved to be false.

The objective of this method is to get executives, employees, students or athletes to perform with more energy, enthusiasm and self-motivation, eating properly, sleeping well and being much happier.