Business Coaching

According to the most important medical authorities, stress is the cause of most diseases and the origin of many of the problems of our society. Unfortunately, stress management is not taught either at school, at university or at a corporate level.

For more than 20 years, Pancho has also dedicated to conduct conferences and workshops to more than 2,000 people in different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, China and the US among others.

These workshops are aimed at helping participants to manage stress and cope with difficult situations in order to to perform better. This has impacted and helped numerous companies, athletes and people to:

  • Manage professional and personal stress
  • Facing difficult, personal and professional moments.
  • Improve the performance of entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Improve the sporting results of amateur and professional athletes.
  • Improve the academic results of school and university students.
  • Improve the profitability of company employees by creating a more stimulating work environment.
  • Improve interpersonal, family and affective relationships.

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