Topics to be Covered

During this program the participants will learn:

  • How elite athletes and world leaders control their nerves and manage stress.
  • How to manage energy and not time.
  • What are endorphins and how release them.
  • How to handle the negative effects of stress in professional and personal life.
  • To use breathing and relaxation to perform more and better.
  • Strategies to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.
  • How to spend less energy and have more vitality.
  • How to perform more so that your work is more profitable.
  • Nutrition and hydration.
  • To deal with trips, airplanes, hotels and restaurants
  • To improve your personal and family relationships.

What can be you learned in these workshops?

  • To detect which of your daily tasks are unproductive.
  • To better manage your time and energy.
  • You will know how to prioritize your tasks and duties.
  • You will understand what stress is and how it affects your performance.
  • You will know what the responses to stress are.
  • What are endorphins and how to release them.
  • What are rituals and how to put them into practice.
  • To use effective breathing techniques.
  • How to handle nervousness.
  • How to use or improve relaxation techniques.
  • How to have an effective but pleasant diet.
  • To use exercise as a source of energy and relaxation
  • To perform better under stress.

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